The Quiet Man: A Classic with a Lot to Say

Against the backdrop of a rise in domestic violence in Ireland amid COVID-19 lockdowns, an essay revisiting a classic film set on the Emerald Isle. (March 2021)

Food bank scrambling during COVID-19 pandemic

The Compass in Mississauga, Ont. has seen a big drop in both food donations and volunteers. (March 2020)

The Compass: More than just a food bank

The problem in South Mississauga is not that there is a lack of available food, but a lack of equal access to food. (May 2019)

On the Danforth, Spring 2020

Senior Copy Editor

Wild Justice: A Mystery Novel by Arthur Haberman

Editor-in-Chief, Leaping Lion Books

Back cover copy: Danny Miller lives in Toronto, an uncommonly diverse and peaceful city. Dealing with the violence that disrupts the city’s peace is Danny’s responsibility. A forty-two-year-old homicide detective, Danny now faces several murders that may be intertwined. For Danny and his team, each murder presents moral quandaries about how people of different backgrounds relate to each other in a multicultural urban centre.

Programming & Communications Coordinator

Life Without Movie Theatres

In the time of COVID-19, people are going through hardship without some of the reliable comforts of hard times. (April 2020)

What Do Safe Streets Look Like?

A pedestrian or cyclist in Toronto was hit by a car every three hours on average in 2019. So what can be done to make the city’s streets safe for its most vulnerable users? (February 2020)

How to Save a Marsh

With Canada’s wetlands disappearing at an alarming rate, the fight to save Rattray Marsh became even more important. (April 2018)

Jan Rehner Prize Citation: This article is a first-rate example of how to weave research and analysis with scene and character to create a compelling journalistic story. The author succeeds in describing community and ecological strife over the wetlands of the Rattray Marsh while tying these specific circumstances to the larger reality of ecosystem destruction and environmental change. Well-attuned to their audience, the writer provides enough information about the role of wetlands in the environment to communicate their importance without making the article inaccessible to the average reader. Interviews conducted with key figures as well as research into past news reports and people involved with the Rattray Marsh show the author’s resourcefulness and dedication to telling a well-informed story. This article effectively brings the reader into the community and invests readers in the future of the Rattray Marsh and wetlands at large.

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