John Wilson

Writer, Editor, Content Strategist, Communications Consultant


“I engaged John Wilson to edit a complex document related to the ISO 9000 family of quality management systems. John’s edit was thorough and constructively critical. I had been expecting a basic review for formatting inconsistencies and typos, but John went much further. He suggested improvements to wording, style and sentence structure. My work was vastly improved by John’s input. I am confident my work is error-free and of far better quality as a result of using John’s services.”

Mike Giguere, Management Consultant, Array Strategies Inc.

“John Wilson was one of two editors who worked on my mystery novel, Wild Justice, for Leaping Lion Books as part of the practicum seminar in publishing at York University. John’s editorial contributions to the book helped give it greater verisimilitude and tighten the prose and the plot. He carefully caught some ambiguities and made good suggestions. He helped to make the novel better. While Wild Justice is my first novel, it is my eighth book, the others being in my field of European history. I have had a number of editors from several publishers, and John is already a very good editor who, I believe, has the capacity to grow. Any prospective employer should consider him seriously as someone who will make a contribution to the firm and to other authors.

Arthur Haberman, Author and Professor Emeritus (History & Humanities), York University

“I taught John at York University. He was my top student two years running. My feature writing and journalism courses are very demanding and require a lot of independent work. John is an amazing student and an equally impressive person. Can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Paul McLaughlin, Writing Instructor & Award-Winning Journalist