The Truth About Injuries at Amazon

This story was produced by Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting, a nonprofit news organization. Get their investigations emailed to you directly by signing up at As a result of Reveal reporter Will Evans’ investigation into injuries at Amazon warehouses across the country last year, sources shared a trove of internal records, giving anContinue reading “The Truth About Injuries at Amazon”

How to Write an Obituary

A lot of older people go to church, my grandfather used to say, because they’re cramming for the finals. My grandfather was not particularly serious about much, and that included death. After he turned 75, there was hardly a family gathering at which he didn’t make some joke about how he expected to kick theContinue reading “How to Write an Obituary”

What Is a Nut Graf?

Nut graf is a slang term used by editors and copy editors at magazines and newspapers, and it refers to the paragraph or sentence that summarizes a story. The term is derived from the expression “in a nutshell,” combined with the word paragraph. In periodical writing (whether magazines or newspapers), a nut graf puts aContinue reading “What Is a Nut Graf?”

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