The Truth About Injuries at Amazon

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As a result of Reveal reporter Will Evans’ investigation into injuries at Amazon warehouses across the country last year, sources shared a trove of internal records, giving an unprecedented view into the company’s safety record. 

Based on those records, Reveal found that Amazon has misled the public about its safety record, which has been getting worse, with injury rates increasing every year between 2016 and 2019.

In this collaboration with PBS NewsHour, Evans takes a closer look at Amazon’s public claims and private internal documents.  


Reporter: Will Evans

Producer: Rachel de Leon

Senior Producer and Editor: David Ritsher

Executive Producer: Amanda Pike

Managing Editor: Andrew Donohue

Data Editor: Soo Oh

Special Thanks: Melissa Lewis

Videographers: Brandon Carter, Paul Mailman, Rachel de Leon, Rafael Roy, Thaad Sabolboro

Assistant Camera: Demetrio Nasol, Blake Sinnock, Maurice Morales, Vanessa Ochavillo

Production Assistant: Vanessa Ochavillo

Legal Counsel: Victoria Baranetsky

Consulting Producer: Katharine Mieszkowski

Executive Editor: Esther Kaplan

Editor in Chief: Matt Thompson

Funding thanks to The Rogovy Foundation

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